Human Pulse Quantification through Photoplethysmography based on Eastern Medicine ConceptsPI: Dr. Tariq Javid
Investigation on Deep Learning based Real Time Depression AssessmentPI: Dr. Tariq Javid
A Medical/Remote Sensing Lightweight Image Reconstruction by Deep Learning Algorithm
Prof. Dr. Anwaar Manzar (PI)
Eng. Dr. Farah Deeba (CoPI
Pyrolysis process development for biomass wastes for production of activated carbon to improve its adsorption capacity in brackish water /industrial wastewater tretment process.Prof.Dr Ahmad Hussain (PI) Prof.Dr Abdul Hameed Memon
Building Application wrapper for the TEMI robot hardwareProfessor Dr. Anwaar Manzar (PI)
Dr. Farah Deeba (CoPI)
Design and fabrication of a fluidized bed system for combustion of low grade Pakistani coals.Prof.Dr Ahmad Hussain (PI) Prof.Dr. Abdul Hameed Memon
Design and Initiate a Portable Mini Sugar Crystallizer Plant to Observe the Comparison of Sugar Crystallizers from Sugar Beet and SugarcaneDr. Javed Hussain Umrani (PI) Dr. Tariq Javid (CoPI)
Emerging an Approach to Recuperate Condensed water from Air Conditioning in Urban Region of Pakistan / Qualitative assessment of Air Conditioning condensate waterand benefits of its use in urban regionDr. Muhammad Usama Zafar (PI)
Dr. Muhammad Faisal Khan (CoPI)
Design & Development of Indigenous Campus Automation System
with Android App for FEST Main Campus Hamdard University
Engr. Adnan Shah (PI)
Prof. Dr. Anwar Manzar (CoPI)
Design & Development of Indigenous Wireless Fire Alarm System
with Android App for City Campus Hamdard University Karachi
Engr. Adnan Shah (PI)
Prof. Dr. Anwar Manzar (CoPI)
Design & Development of Khamira filling Machine for HamdardEngr. Adnan Shah (PI) & Prof. DR. Anwaar Manzar
Repair and Upgrade of Majun filling Machine at Hamdard
Laboratories Nazimabad Karachi
Engr. Adnan Shah (PI) & Prof. DR. Anwaar Manzar
Design & Development of RoohAfza Quality (Clarity) Check
Machine for Hamdard Industrial Complex HIC Karachi
Engr. Adnan Shah (PI) & Prof. DR. Anwaar Manzar
Chitosan based Hydrogel Scaffold Fabrication for 3D Culture of Apical Papilla Stem Cell

Engr. Rimsha Siddiqui (PI)
Dr. Tariq Javid (CoPI)
Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things based Vital Signs Acquisition and Monitoring System to Support Covid-19 Patients

Engr. Tayyaba Khalid (PI)
Dr. Tariq Javid, Engr. Hina Iftikhar (CoPI)

Autonomous Deep Reinforcement CarEngr Sana Mukhtar (PI)
Engr Uzma Majeed (CoPI)
Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy Lesions from Retinal ImagesEngr. Muhammad Abdullah Umar PI
CoPI Nil
Analysis of spectral characteristic of dissolve organic matter in industrial waste water during treatment in thermophhlic continous reactor

Engr. Rabia Khatoon (PI)
CoPI Nil
Human pulse quantification through photoplethysmography based on Eastern Medicine conceptDr. Tariq Javed (PI) Hakim Abdul Bari Prof. Dr. Muhammad Anwar Manzae (CoPIs)
PI: Dr. Sajjad Hussain Rizvi
Co (PI) Dr. Tariq Javed Dr. S. Saad Azhar Ali (UTP Malaysia)
PI: Dr. Sajjad Hussain Rizvi
Co (PI) Dr. Tariq Javed Dr. S. Saad Azhar Ali (UTP Malaysia)
Building Application Wrapper for the TEMI
robot hardware
Professor Dr. Anwaar Manzar (PI) Dr. Farah Deeba (CoPI)
Detection of Cancer in Human Blood Sample based on Microscopic Images.Dr. Amjad Khan (PI), Engr.Inam Ur Rehman (CoPI)
Clinical Decision Support System for Parkinson’s Disease and Related Movement Disorders.Engr. Inam Ur Rehman (PI) Engr. M. Najeeb (CoPI)
Standby Monitoring Device for Incubator including Data Logging and Self Testing FeaturesEngr. Ahsen Imtiaz (PI) Mr. S. M. Kashif Alam (CoPI)
Intelligent control and trajectory planning of UGVEngr. Musayyab Ali (PI) Mr. S. M. Kashif Alam (CoPI)
Automatic Water Filtration & Purification PlantEngr.Alif Shah (PI) Engr.Usman Javed (CoPI) Engr.Adnan Naseem CoPI)
BCI Control Stroke less Virtual Keyboard and Home AutomationEngr.Uzma Majeed (PI) Engr.Sana Mukhtar (CoPI)
Design Analysis of small solar-powered UAV with high pay-load capabilityEngr.Asghar Khan (PI) Engr. Aqeel Anwar (CoPI)
Smart Parking SystemMr.Asif Javed (PI)
Geographic accessibility to primary and specialized healthcare health care delivery facilities in KarachiProf. Dr. Syed Muhammad Mubeen
Investigation on deep learning based Real Time depression assessmentPI: Dr. Sajjad Hussain Rizvi
Co (PI) Dr. Tariq Javed Dr. S. Saad Azhar Ali (UTP Malaysia)
Design and Development of Advance Encryption Algorithm Invariants for IoT DevicesPI: Dr. Rashid Hussain (PI) CoPIs: Dr Sheeraz Arif Dr. S. Sajjad Hussain Rizvi, Dr. Moin Uddin (KSA)
A Neoteric Machine Learning Model for Sea State Classification;Dr. Syed Sajjad Hussain Rizvi (PI), Prof. Dr. Vali Udin (Co-PI)
Smart irrigation system for agricultural areas of PakistanProf. Dr. Aqeel-ur-Rehman, Dr. M. Khurram
A novel approach to mitigate the performance degradation in big data classification modelProf. Dr. Vali Uddin, Dr. Syed sajjid Hussain Rizvi
Maternal care infant incubator Ahsen Imtiaz, Inam Ur Rehman
Combustion of low grade Pakistani coal in acirculating fluidized bed combustor Prof. Dr. Ahmed Hussain
A novel Transform-Domain Fuzzy Data Fusion Technique for Medical Image EnhancementDr. Tariq Javed, Mr. Salman Iqbal, Dr. Tasir Ahmed Mumtaz
A Novel Gait Analysis Technique for Measurement of Free joint Mobility Engr. Muhammad Danish Mujib
Design of non-electronic exoskeleton for Physically Disabled Persons (PDP)Dr. Muhammad Faisal Khan
Design and development of a Noninvasive GlucometerEngr. Tayyab Ansari/Dr Tariq Javed
Indigenous development of low cost non invasion ECG, EEG, EMG and EOG biomedical instrument trainerEng. Azhar Dilshad
A survey of advancement in framework of context aware application developmentDr. Aqeel ur Rehman
Internal combustion engine test standJunaid Ahmed, Syed Nadeen Mian
Design and development of low cost hybird solar wind power generation with disturbed inerter architecture for domestic applicationsEng. Azhar Dilshad, Syed Nadeen Mian
Optical studies on alignment quality and viewing angels of LCD’sDr. Iqbal


Impact of multivitamins on memory and aging
(purchasing instrument)
PI: Dr. Ishrat Younus,
CoPI: Dr. Laila Anwer, Dr. Tamkeen Urooj Paracha
“In-silico studies, synthesis, and therapeutic investigation of N-heterocyclic compounds against bacterial infection including Salmonella typhi”.PI: Dr. Saira Asghar
CoPI: Prof. Dr. Nousheen Mushtaq, Dr. Rabia Iqtadar
An efficient synthesis and reactions of 3, 4-dihydropyrimidin-2(1H)-ones and thiones with characteristic biological activityDr. Sobia Mastoor (PI) & Prof. Dr. Shamim Akhtar (CoPI)
Impact of Multivitamins on Memory and AgingProf. Dr. Ishrat Imran (PI) Laila Anwer, Tamkeen Urooj (CoPIs)
Towards nanoparticles synthesis with biological important scaffoldsDr. Saira Asghar PI, Dr. Aysha Naseer and Dr Rabia Iqtadar CoPI
Piperazine; evaluation of a multitasking agent for antibacterial agentsProf. Dr. Shamim Akhtar (PI), Prof. Dr. Baqir S.Naqvi (Co-PI)
Piperazine; evaluation of a multitasking agent for antibacterial agentsProf. Dr. Shamim Akhtar (PI), Prof. Dr. Baqir S.Naqvi (Co-PI)
Evaluation of pharmacological and toxicological profile of plant extracts (Raphanus caudatus, Cocculus Laurifolius, Gagela officinalis, Pulsataila nogricanDr. Ishrat Imran, Dr, Sidra Maqbool, DR. Ayesha Khan, Dr. Rafia Sadaf
CNS and Hypoglycemic activities of young pods of Cassia fistula Linn in rodents.Prof. Dr. Baqir S. Naqvi, Dr. Liaquat Raza and Husna Khan
Impact of Air Pollution on Human Eye Dr. Muhammad Shafiq, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Kamran Naqvi Khan
Isolation and characterization of bioactive compounds from RhyzastrictaProf. Dr. Azhar Hussain, Ms Sidra Hafeez
In vitro and in vivo investigation of antiuroliyjic effects of Justicia adhatoda and salt range water, and isolation and structure elucidation of active components Prof. Dr. Azhar Hussain, Mr. Zahid Munawar
Foarmulation development and in-vitro evaluation of bi-layer tablet of sustained release itopride and immediate release pantoprazole.Dr. Madeeha Malik, Mr. Muhammad Azeem
Evaluation of antihyperglycemic, antihyperlipidemic and hepatoprotective activity of Caralluma edulis whole plant and its different extracts in alloxan diabetic rabbits Dr. Madeeha Malik, Nadeem Irshad,Mr. Muhammad Azeem
Evaluation of plant based anticonvulsants in various animal models of epilepsy Dr. liaquat raza
Formation and evaluation of controlled released matrix tablets of Valsartan effects of different polymers on release formsProf. Dr. Baqir S. Naqvi
Validation and biowaiver studies of Atenolol tablet (50 mg) in Karachi, Pakistan. Dr. shagufta Usmani
Pharmacokinetics and bioequivalence studies of cephalexin monohydrate in local population.Mr. Sohail Anwer
To evaluate the hormone balancing effects of some medicinal herbsProf Dr. Ghazala Rizwani
Development of standardized and cost effective anti-hypertensive hebal drugsProf Dr. Ghazala Rizwani
Phytopharmacological and pharmacognostic studies on of Cyamopsis ttragonoloba (linn)Dr. Syed Tahir Ali
To study the anti diabetic potential of Cassia Fistula linn. fruit extract in alloxan induced diabetic animal.Prof. Dr. Baqir S. Naqvi
Anxyiolytic antidepressant, analgesic and anti inflamatory Dr. Ishrat Imran
Chemical and pharmacological studies of pheonix dectylifera fruit to treat blood pressureAisha Sana, Darashan Nisar
Anti depressant and anxiolitic activity of plant benthProf. Baqir S. Naqvi
A comparative study of herbal extracts, oral hypogleycemic and cholestrol lowering agentsDr. Humera Ishaq
Chemical and pharmacological studies of pheonix dectylifera fruit to treat cardiovascular diseaseProf Dr Rubeena Saleem
Pharmacological and toxicological studies of some herbal plants used in treatment of cardiovascular diseaseMs Farzana Sadaf


Comparative study on the anti-inflammatory and protective effects of Unani medicine: Hiknol, Marham kharish jadeed and Marham eczema using atopic dermatitis rats model.Dr. Noman
Identification of proteins in medicinal plants (linum utitesimum, Nigra Saliva, Alium Sepa through 2 dimensional gel elctrophoresisProf. Dr. Ejaz Mohiuddin PI

Dr. Syed Rizwan
Dr. Sabira Naqvi,
Dr, Sheraz, Dr. Nauman
Dr. Amjad Chishti, Tabiba Syma Ghayas, Prof. Dr. Wag Xi Feng, Chinese academy of agricultural sciences China CoPIs
A double blind randomized case control trial: metformin versus unani coded formulation ….Leena Hameed PI
Dr. Sheraz M. Siddiqui CoPI
Incorporating AI artificial intelligence in Aveceena MUST kit and standardization it as a diagnostic toolTabiba syma Ghyas PI
Ahmad Yar Sukhera research assistant, FEM (no document provided), CopI
HKm Abdul Bari CoPI, Dr. eng, Adnan Shah CoPI
Standardization of different brands of olive oil available in Karachi marketDr. Hakim Asif Iqbal (PI), Prof. Dr. Ghazala H. Rizwani (CoPI)
Pharmacological and clinical study of poly herbal formulation uprostand glumendeen with 5 alpha reductaseProf. Dr. Ejaz Mohiuddin (PI), Dr. Hkm Asif Iqbal (CoPI)
Diagnosis of diseases through physical examination of urine according to/avivenna’s temperamented theory in Al-Qanoon Fil Tibb (An evidence based approach)Tabib Syma Ghayas (PI), Prof Dr. Tasneem Qureshi Dr. Hkm Asif Iqbal, Ahmed Sukhera (CoPIs)
Identification of prevalence, possible stressors of psychological disorders in Madinat-al-Hikmah, Gadap TownProf. Dr. Ahsana Dar Farooq
Cultivation of selected medicinally important plants and establishment of seed bank at faculty of Eastern Medicine Madinat-al-HikmahProf. Dr. Ahsana Dar Farooq
Clinical assessment of herbal coded formulation on the diagnostic parameters and hormonal imbalance in polycystic ovarian syndromeProf. Dr. Tasneem Qureshi
Comaparative anti Helicobacter Pylori efficacy assessment of Unani formulation and quadruple regmimen Hakim Syed Zahoor-ul-hasan Zaidi
Prevalence, Risk factors and treatment of Chronic Liver Disease and Hepato carcinoma due to Hepatitis C in KarachiHakim Dr. Asif Iqbal
Clinical assessment of herbal coded formulation on the diagnostic parameters and hormonal imbalance in polycystic ovarian syndromeProf. Dr. Tabiba Taseneem Qureshi
To evaluate the hormone balancing effects of some medicinal herbsProf Dr. Ghazala Rizwani
Pulse interoretation using electronic/electromagnetic techniquesProf. Hakim Abdul Hannan, Tabiba Syma Ghias, Dr. Vali uddin
Clinical research evidence and analysis of scientific basis of Al-HujamahProf. Hakim Abdul Hannan, Tabiba Tasneem, Dr.Emaad
A comparative study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of IrochelTabiba Syma Ghias, Hk. Abdul Hannan


Health risk assessment and occupational exposure to pesticides among agricultural farmers in Sindh, PakistanDr. Naveed Mansoori(PI), Dr.Syed Muhammad Mubeen (CoPI)
A Study of Bacterial Contamination Of Blood Pressure Cuff Used In Private And Public Hospital Of KarachiPI: Prof. Dr. Syed Muhammad Mubeen
Identification of serum biomarkers in early detection of preeclampsiaDr. Danish Hassan Qaisar (PI)
CoPI Nil
Health promotion among workers health hazards of chemical used in industries of KarachiProf. Dr. S.M. Mubeen (PI), Dr. Asad Jamal (CoPI)
Safe drinking water through aquatabs; a community based randomized interventional study to prevent diarrheal diseasesProf. Dr. S.M. Mubeen (PI), Dr. Naveed Mansoori (CoPI)
Prevalence of siliconsis its determinants and working conditions among industries of PakistanProf. Dr. S.M. Mubeen (PI), Dr. Asad Jamal (CoPI)
Synthesis of Azithromycin loaded functionally graded membrane for periodontal regulation Dr. Abdul Rehman (PI), Dr. Nadeem Hafeez Khokar (CoPI)
Assessment of the effectiveness of intranasal midazolam to control gag reflex during impression makingDr. Mehmood Hussaian, Dr. Umama Batool
Comparision on mechanical and thermal properties of platelet rich fibrin membrane for potential regeneration by using different fibrication methodologiesDr. Nadeem Hafeez Khokkar, dr. Abdul Rehman
Arotic clamp (an acessory of Power lab System)Prof. Dr. M.Furqan
To study pharmacological activities of Apium graveolens and Physialis alkekengi on pathophisology of deranged lipid metabolism induced hypertension and impaired renal functions.Prof. Dr. M.Furqan
Imapct on Oral Health releated Quality of Life Among Old Age Edentulous patients with Single Implants Retained Mendibular over Denture at Tertiary Dental Hospital of Karachi: An in Vivo StudyDr. Mehmood Hussain
Evolution and Alignment in Medical Curriculum: promoting the first phase of integration (Faculty familirization & training) at Hamdard UniversityDr. Muhammad Furqan
Tensile strength of type IV and V dental GypsumDr. Nadeem Hafiz Khokkar, Dr. Abdul REhman, Dr. Mehmood Husain
Health hazards and occupational safety measuring among coal mine workers in Sharhrag, Balochistan.Prof. Dr. S. M MUbeen, Dr. Naveed Mansori
Heamo-dynamic and mussculoskeleton changes in diabetes—herbal drugsProf. Dr. Muhammad Furqan
To study the efficacy and safety profile of the drugs used to treat postpartum iron deficiency anemiaDr. S. Mohsin Turab
To evaluate the role of Angiotension receptor blocker losartan in treating prehypertensionDr. Shahnawaz jamali


Promoting sustainable consumption for achieving sustainable development goalsProf. Dr. Kamran Naqi Khan, Shahid Rashid/Ali Raza