Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC) is functioning at Hamdard University. ORIC was established at the University in 2021. The main role of HU-ORIC is to strengthen the University’s research and knowledge creation process by providing strategic and operational support in promoting entrepreneurship, technology-transfer and commercialization activities that ultimately boost the socio-economic conditions. HU-ORIC aspires to achieve sustainable development by translating university research into societal benefit by ensuring its socio-economic relevance and by preparing and exploiting entrepreneurial researchers who would have the capability for value addition owing to their qualities of enterprise, analysis, education and market orientation. It is therefore vital to channelize the university’s research for addressing societal problems, and identify and capitalize on global opportunities.


HU-ORIC is being energized and fortified with RIC at its hub.


Transforming Hamdard University to drive high impact applied research and


Our core values provide academic freedom, professional integrity,
and ethical conduct as well as full compliance with all HU policies and
operational standards.


Enhance research quality, relevance, and competitiveness, and promote innovation and commercialization at HU.
• Foster ORIC via strategic planning, streamlining of internal processes, establishing and monitoring of standards, mobilizing resources for ORIC, publicizing RIC achievements, identification of synergies, and advance relationships with key external partners.
• While the core function of HU-ORIC remains rooted in the protection of the university’s intellectual property, the success of its innovation and commercialization programs will rely on mutually beneficial engagements with the researchers, industry and our communities. Positive interactions of HU-ORIC will inspire faculty and graduate student researchers to increasingly consider innovation and commercialization of research and to voluntarily engage with HU-ORIC for culmination into an upsurge in the ORIC opportunities at HU.

HU-ORIC Functions

  1. Foster research, innovation and Incubator companies to bring in funding
  2. Generate revenues from Research Commercialization and Intellectual Property
  3. Administer Business/Technology Incubator (BTI)
  4. Support startups to incubate and grow
  5. Develop and maintain University-Industry Linkage
  6. Create products, processes, services, and markets
  7. Placement Services, Career Counseling and producing new jobs/internships
  8. Capacity Building and C&PD trainings
  9. Establish and maintain meaningful connections with the Alumni

HU-ORIC Services

  1. The revitalized HU-ORIC is perceived to be offering following services:

    1. Facilitation to entrepreneurial researchers in start-up companies via BTI setup
    2. Assistance in patent filing/licensing and research agreements having issues
    3. Identification of potential licensees and negotiations on terms of licenses
    4. Assistance in information and arrangement of research grants
    5. Connecting the faculty with relevant industry and corporate sector
    6. Market evaluation for commercialization of research
    7. Trainings on skill development